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You are invited!

We scheduled our Annual General Meeting conveniently right between Volley4Teens and Mixed teams competition finals!

Chances are you likely to be in that day so please stick your head in to foyer near show courts at 6:15pm as some fresh blood is much needed to fill in the positions of office bearers incl. Secretary, PR Officer, Junior Program Coordinator and WAVL Coordinator.

Our (very affordable) term based junior programs and seasonal mixed teams competition don't just happen believe it or not. It happens thanks to many people (not just Charlie and his Angels!).

So, if you feel like you are more than a passenger who enjoys the ride and you are capable to take part in some wheel steering of a pretty well oiled machine, please fill in the form to indicate your interest:

If you are not confident about holding an office yet, please nominate to become a general committee member, no strings attached.

Personally, I would love to see some Teens joining our junior committee because when you do, you hear about things the Club plans first hand and what's more, you are encouraged to give suggestions! The Club means YOU, not someone who is in charge. More you are a part of it, more it will become the Club you want with the activities you love to participate in!

All the positions need to be filled in order for our Association to function efficiently. See you all on Wednesday 20th.

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