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WAVL Tryouts Session #1 - Sun 29/01 at MARC Show Courts

2023 WAVL Tryout session #1 for both, women's and men's teams this Sunday 29/01 at MARC Show Courts! Please come on time and make sure you have got the proof of your registration and payment for that session ready to show to our WAVL coordinators before entering the Show Courts.

Please read this info carefully to avoid any confusion. We will be happy to answer your questions on Sunday. See you there!

1. ALL players must pay for, and attend 2 tryout sessions and all regular training sessions in order to be considered to be selected and play games. 2. All tournaments attended (on top of WAVL games) as a WAVL team member must also be paid for (note that MVA subsides this cost). This includes your COMPULSORY attendance to gel the teams at our Mandurah Tournament on April 22, more details to come soon. 3. If you are selected for the team, all fees must be paid BEFORE your first game this year (WAVL season commencing in May and running through to September with training starting well ahead) otherwise your spot may be offered to the next interested player who didn't get selected first time around. This pays for training, playing, grading day and coaches fees (this is because VWA invoice us in May!). The estimated costs of 2023 WAVL participation for division teams is around $450 and $500 for SLR teams excluding uniforms. 4. New uniforms are being considered this year to be used for the next 3 years, adding to the total cost of participating in WAVL. 5. Please register and pay for each tryout day in advance through the provided link, so we know who you are, and where you wish to be considered to play. Rego Form incl. the Payment link:

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