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Teens Volley - CURRENT PLAYERS Online Registrations now OPEN

Are you a current Term 2 Teens Volley player? If so, please check your email inbox with the instructions how to register for Term 3! You are getting something special - a head start!

You can NOW pay your Term 3 fees which is all you need to do! Each player must register individually, thanks.

There will be no reminders, just a cut off date - 29/06/2022. As of Wednesday 29/06 the registration will be open to all newbies and your spot in Term 3 won't be any longer guaranteed. So you now have two weeks to grab this amazing opportunity! Do it!

Link to FB event with Teens Volley dates is here:

Link to FB event with Come&Day / Rego Day for NEWBIES is here: please share with your friends who are interested. Ta.

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