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Stay in touch over Summer break!


Before the Christmas mayhem really kicks in, let me thank you for being part of our Mandurah Volleyball family! This year was like no other, in many ways. I hope to see you all coming back in 2021. In the meanwhile, please keep in touch. We are doing our best to keep you informed. We are always open to any CC, it will only make our Club better! Ta.

All volley events we organise or take part in this summer are here, on our FB page: or here, in our general Mandurah Volleyball FB group:

Kids Volley parents, please make sure you are in our private FB group dedicated to Kids Volley where I post urgent messages:

If you prefer Instagram over FB, the link is here:

We also started using our fancy new App! Please join me at MandurahVolleyball on the Wix app. Join with this link: Got the app? Use the invite code: PLJNHG

All official info sits on our website:

You can contact me directly via Messenger or via email

Charlie’s details: and 0427 770 400.

Veronika x

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