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Kids Volley is back - in Term 3!

You, all amazing parents who are supporting their kids by providing them with opportunities to participate in sport, there is another one to try! Yes, you have guessed it - Volleyball. From what we have seen so far at Kids Volley, kids are enthusiastic about participating in volleyball. Mandurah Volleyball Association might be one of the smaller sports clubs here in Mandurah but this gives us a fair advantage not only to get to know our members individually but also to support their individual needs. We accept players on all levels! Volleyball is a sport for life if you fall in love with it! We are super excited to let you know that our Kids Volley delivered by Spike Zone is back on our Winter calendar! We start on Thu July 23 and 4:30pm and the session runs for an hour. The newbies can come and try first and see if they like it. If they decide to commit then and advanced payment of $50 fee is required but we will reimburse your $5 Come&Try fee. We are registered KidSport Voucher provider. All the details should be in the attached document but feel free to chat with me or Charlie, MVA President directly if you need any clarifications. Links for the payments are here:

* $50 whole Term 3 payment option, please click here:

* $5 once off Come&Try session payment option, click here:

Your accredited coaches will be, Jess and Charlie but you might see me around as well. Come and say hi. There is a dedicated private FB parents support group once you are registered: Take care and see you after the school holidays! Veronika

Your local volleyball PR lady

Follow us here (as lots is happening as we speak):

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